Thursday, October 19, 2006

While we're talking about Katie's wedding...

OK...while we're on the subject.

When Katie got married, I was a mess. She's my little sister and I started drinking about 2 hours before the ceremony.

Anyway, I surprised her at the reception with a Brother/Sister dance...I don't remember what song the DJ played but I know it was something sappy. She didn't know I was going to do it. It was fun but we were both crying like babies.

Well, to lighten the mood, Ben (Katie's husband) and his brother Josh decided to join in. They were dancing together and then we switched partners. I've been joking with Josh about his sexual preference...he's totally straight but I tell him he just hasn't met the right boy yet. (Not to mention, he totally did a perfectly choreographed solo-dance to Michael Jackson's BEAT IT.)

It was an awesome the Outer Banks in NC. I will write more soon...let me look for some more embarrassing photos first, though.

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