Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's fucking snowing. Right now, outside my basement window at work, it's fucking snowing.

Today is October 12th. I heard reports all year long that this is going to be a mild winter. That the ozone something-or-other was falling apart and that we were going to be the Miami of the north (slight exaggeration).

Why then? Tell me why is it snowing right this fucking moment? I didn't even wear a jacket to work today. I don't have a snow brush in my car. Will it "stick" to my car? I don't know. Will it be slippery later? Probably.

I hate the snow. I hate driving in the snow. The ONLY thing I like about snow is the way it looks on Christmas morning.

It is not Christmas morning, damnit. Damn it!

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Anonymous said...

You're a weird pessimist. "Fucking" chill.