Thursday, October 12, 2006

We all do it.

Some do it more than others. I do it at least three times a day. My Grandmother has even confessed that she does it... We bitch.

Life sometimes seems like an endless bitchfest. Doesn't it? Try this experiment - sit in a mall or a park or an airport (sit anywhere) and, while you're people watching, eavesdrop on them...listen to what they're saying:

In the mall it will be "ahh, my fucking feet hurt" or "that woman at the checkout counter was a real cunt"; in the park it will be "those goddamn dog-owners, why can't they pick up their shit" or "it's really cold out here, you should have told me it was cold so I would have brought my jacket"; in the airport it will be "I don't know why we have to get here 2 hours before take-off, that's just we have all this fucking time to stand around and do nothing" or "I can't believe they made me throw away my perfume...yeah, I mean, I know they said not to bring it in your carry-on but I thought that was just for the terrorists...that perfume cost me $75!"

Now, I'm not saying that these aren't all valid complaints. They might be. Why, however, do we have the urge to vocalize everything that's bothering us? Is it so people can better understand why we're miserable? Is it because we need to "release the pressure"? Do we like to make others believe that our life is worse than theirs?

I used to have a friend (some of you know this person) who I called "poisonous". She totally was/is. It could be a beautiful sunny day and she would say "it's too bright out". I would take her to dinner, a restaurant of HER choosing, and she would say "I don't like anything on the menu". No matter what it was...if I said black she would say white. Don't get me wasn't even that we bumped heads all the time...If she said black, she would immediately change her mind and say white. Honest to God! I used to think she had mental problems (maybe she did)...but now I think she just really enjoyed bitching.

I don't have an answer to this. I don't know if there is one. I just felt like bitching about it.

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