Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RE: God, Racism and Recipes

It's weird to me how everyday life really gets one thinking.

I was in Tops this evening (I despise Tops...I was only there because I had a hankering for ice cream and I didn't want to drive to Wegman's) and a man handed me a religion pamphlet. He was very polite about it and he actually took me off guard. We were simply walking into the store when he turned around, smiled and handed me the "brochure". I actually started reading it while walking to the frozen food section.

I am not a religious person. I am a SPIRITUAL person who refuses to be a part of a cult-like setting where people chant and submit to zombie-like kneeling, standing, shaking of hands, banging of chests, etc. (Please don't take this the wrong way. I used to be an altar boy. I am NOT suggesting that organized religion is bad...in any way whatsoever! I am simply sharing my views on what organized religion looks like to me.)

Although I don't attend church, I miss some of the things that go along with it: meeting new people, congregation picnics/holiday parties/fundraisers, bingo, the free wine.

I believe in God. I try to obey the Ten Commandments. I pray...but does the fact that I don't go to church make me a bad person? Does the fact that I disagree with many things the bible "preaches" make me bad?

Moving on...

You have to watch the new GSN (Game Show Network) program called "Without Prejudice?" - it is really interesting. A group of panelists sit and listen to five strangers and judge them based on: first impression, occupation, beliefs, etc. They then vote one of them "off" until only one remains. This person gets a check for $25K because they're the least hated. It's unbelievable! I first thought it was going to shed light on serious issues but I was wrong. What it essentially does is highlight the stupidity of many and the intelligence of few...with music. I know that I'll keep watching it. (Hey...I said it was INTERESTING not good.)

Finally...my recipes. You'll notice (if you're observant) that I've added a link to my "Diversions and Delights" section: My NEW Recipe Blog. I have copied the recipes I previously posted on this site onto it and I plan on adding more. I hope it's interesting reading...if not, at least I have a virtual recipe box.

(I'm sitting here trying to think of something witty to say. I have nothing. The end.)

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