Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm not dead...honest.

I haven't posted a blog in ALMOST two months! Can you freekin' believe it? I blame it on laziness and an overall sense of "nothing to report". (I shouldn't actually say that - lots of good and comfort have surrounded me lately. I'm just lazy. OK, I admit it. I do blame it primarily on laziness.)

I have to make this a short blog because I have to shower and head on over to the casino where Jamie is having lunch with his Dad, Grandmother, sister and youngest brother. (Jamie's Grandmother is a riot and she LOVES the casino. She had never even stepped foot into a casino until we took her a few months back. She was so excited and, every time she talked to Jamie, asked when she would be taken there again.) His family is really great!

I went to the BUA 15th anniversary fun(d) raising party for a brief time last night and I had a wonderful time. I saw people I haven't seen in a long time and had lots of pleasant conversation (albeit for some people who think I'm fat.)

Here's how the fat thing panned out: someone noticed how I (and I quote) "look like [I] haven't missed any meals"; another person took be off guard by saying "you look great" and then following it up with "you've really filled out"; finally...a really nice, older couple with whom I've been acquainted for nearly ten years noticed how I'm "not skinny anymore". I shit you not, people!

I also had a really nice conversation with my beefy cat angus friend, Michael. He's going to be my friend! (I don't really have many friends and to potentially count Michael as my friend will be a really nice thing.) In addition, Weezie said that she wanted to come over our house for a cook-out! I guess my new friends and a future cook-out outweigh the fat comments!

OK, time to shower and then gamble. Maybe I'll do another post/video later...for the two or three people who still look at my blog.

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Michael said...

a) I better be invited to your cookout!

b) I better have a link to my blog on yours...


c) I had a great time chatting with you as well. Thank you so much. :)