Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to blogging.

This is an open letter to those of you who routinely visit my blog:

I have been slacking and I apologize. There's no real excuse...other than pure laziness. Although I'm no longer physically or technically allowed to post from work, there's no real explanation. I'm sorry.

Now that both of you have read that statement, I'd like you to look at some of the minor changes I've made to this site. I have removed my photograph, my book list, my word of the day, weather links, and a few other things. I have also reduced the number of posts that show on this main page. (If you'd like to look at older posts, simply click on the link to your right called "past posts.") I also changed my background color. (Tangent: Have any of you ever said "backaround" or "backround"? I have - and I was an English major!!) Anyway, I made these changes because...well, there's no real reason. I just did.

OK, that's enough of an apology and explanation of changes made. I'm going to make myself a cocktail and find something utterly uninteresting to post next. (I have to make up for lost time.)


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