Monday, July 16, 2007


I am kind of sneaky.

I have, for months, been under the impression that I couldn't post to this blog from work. At one point I could and then (apparently they found out how much time we mere workers are spending on personal stuff) <poof> firewall. I was at a standstill because break-time (lunch break, coffee break, smoke break, breaks from break) is when I was most blog-productive. Now, all of the sudden: no more.

Rest assured, dear reader, for I am once again able to be witty in the workplace...simply from e-mailing my posts directly to this site (in a cryptic DaVinci code sort of way!) It's brilliant! I am literally (I shit you not) doing a happy dance in my swivel chair!

Although I am staring the danger of this situation directly in its ugly face, I have come to the realization that this is something I must do. To sneakify my blogging practices is what I was undoubtedly destined to accomplish.

I wish I had the Pink Panther theme song. I'd totally be rocking it right this second.

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