Thursday, November 02, 2006

Theatrical Props.

Why is it that fake things cost more than the real thing? Shouldn't something fake cost less? It's fake for fuck's sake. That means that it's not real.

I work in a theatre and I wear many hats (so does everybody who works in the theatre, I imagine.) This means that sometimes I have to find some of these fake things. I laugh about it sometimes. Granted, we can't always use the real things because they're dangerous or unpractical. But that doesn't stop me from bitching about if I didn't bitch about these things you'd have nothing new to read, dear reader.

Here's a list of some of the props we've had to locate and pay "through the nose" for. Notice the differences in fake vs. real and their costs:

  1. Real wine glass: $.50-$1.00 at Goodwill. Fake "breakable" wine glass: $18.
  2. Heinz Ketchup Bottle: $2.95. Fake Heinz Ketchup Bottle: $15.
  3. Bowl of macaroni salad: $5 or so. Bowl of macaroni salad that will last 5 weeks: $30.
  4. Semi-automatic pistol: Just ask any Buffalo high school student, you can probably borrow it for a bag of pot ($20). Fake semi-automatic pistol: $265.
  5. 32 ounces of real blood: Painful but free. 32 ounces of fake blood: $28.
OK, this list is not extensive...mainly because I couldn't remember all the things that initially prompted me to write this post.

But you get the point.

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