Friday, November 17, 2006

Brownie Bake-Off.

My stomach hurts because I was one of the judges for a brownie bake-off here at work today. Five ladies from our publications and human resources offices baked brownies and decided that they were going to have a contest to see who bakes the best. Seven lucky guys were asked to be a guest judge...I was "lucky" enough to be one of them.

It was fun, I must admit. And it's amazing how different each lady's brownies were. There were brownies with nuts, brownies with chocolate chunks, brownies with was a brownie lover's dream.

It's strange, though. I used to LOVE sweets. I used to love desserts. I dont' really love them anymore. I don't particularly even like them. I can take them or leave them. To be completely honest, I usually leave them. I just get a "gut ache" when I eat desserts. I shouldn't have gone to this bake-off contest but I did.

Not that you probably care but it was almost unanimous. I felt bad about telling the ladies who won. You work hard and you really want to win. I would have been disappointed too. But they were all good sports.

I don't want to eat another brownie for a very long time.

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