Friday, September 29, 2006

Champagne at the morning.

Is it wrong to get tipsy on live television? On the early show?

Granted, I didn't get tipsy, per se, but I was damn close. And don't get me wrong...I'm the last person to point fingers. It's always "five-o-clock somewhere" in my book...even if it's just 6:00AM where I am. However, when the producer of said early show told us to "cut the booze in segment two" I got to thinking...

My wonderful, loving Grandfather would wake-up and have his eye-opener (four fingers of vodka with a splash of orange juice) before he went to work...and after work as well, of course.

His mother, my Great-Grandmother, would give me whiskey when I had a cold, when I was up too late, when I got on her nerves...I just thought she didn't like to drink alone, but who knows?! I didn't complain.

His wife, my Grandmother, loves her Cocktail Hour... Now, we just did A.R. Gurney's "The Cocktail Hour" at The Kav and it made my family chuckle...a lot. Honestly, we thought they were writing about us. My Grandmother (with whom I spend a lot of time) loved it.

My Grandma is the type of woman who says "Joey, just give me a little splash...I mean it now, just a little splash." And then, when I give her the cocktail she says, "Did you put any vodka in this? It tastes like straight soda water...if I wanted soda water, honey, I would have asked you for soda water." I love her remarks... I'll list some here:

"Just a weak one."
"Freshen me up, will you honey?"
"Someone must be drinking my vodka...look how much is gone already."
"That's OK, I have another bottle in my bedroom."

I'd totally write more about my family's WASPish habits...but I have a hangover from the three bottles of champagne I had this morning.

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