Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Makes for Good TV?

How the fuck should I know? I mean, come on.

This question was posed to me this morning by one of our local TV personalities in regards to a spot I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow morning. Here's the rundown...

I was meant to be at the theatre at 5:15AM to await the illustrious camera van and make-up-less news reporter. Then, when they arrive at 5:30, I'll would probably be nice enough to give them coffee and listen to them bitch about how their Egg McMuffin was soggy. Then, much to my dismay, I would get dressed-up and sip champagne with Mary Kate O'Connell and tell funny stories until it was our "turn". The lights would blind us and the local TV personality would ask us silly questions about the "thee-ay-ter" for 90 seconds. 50 minutes later we would do the same thing with more silly questions, then it'd be over. Cute, short, sweet, simple.

Now, I just got off the phone with this local TV personality and she told me that interviews don't make for good TV. She recommends that, instead of featuring a THEATRE on Curtain Up, we should go to Spot Coffee and talk to the weather man. Like that's not COMPLETELY different from what I agreed to.

I think she's just lazy...

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