Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tunics, and Eunichs, and Mare's Sweat...Oh My!

I decided that I should write about the show that The Kavinoky Theatre (where I work) is doing. (I feel like a huge loser...nobody even knows I have this fucking blog and I'm writing like it's a colum in the New Yorker.) Oh well, I can think of it as my way of learning how to incorporate links in my postings.

We're currently running A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM, a musical by Stephen Sondheim. It's really a great production (and no, I'm not saying this only because I'm in it.) It's always been a favorite of mine.

The cast is phenomenal and I'm really having a lot of fun. Wait...let me steal Playbill's plot description... Oh, fuck it. Just click here and see what they have to say.

Our cast includes Norm Sham (I call him Normasha.) He is the best person in the world and I totally want to have a slumber party with him. Also in the cast is Lou Colaiacovo (playing the role I wanted but much better than I ever could have done), Sheila McCarthy, Tim Newell, Jim Mohr (he's old and hilarious...he plays Erronious...very awesome), Tom Loughlin, a girl from NYC called Rosie Mattia (she plays my love interest...she has a lovely, beautiful singing voice), Marc Sacco, Bobby Cooke, Nicole Marrale Cimato...the list continues...I'm just too lazy to type everyone's name right now.

We did it at The Kav in 1979 (I was far too young to be in it then, of course). The president of the college (D'Youville College) remembers it as being "very funny." She's right.

This Friday is Curtain Up and it's the 25th anniversary. I'm kind of bitter about CU this year because it was SUCH a hassle last year. I served as Marketing Chairperson and it was an awful lot of work. This year, to many theatre's dismay, it is being held very late...ticket sales are suffering for most theatres. But it is a fun night nonetheless.

OK, I'm not really selling the show but I wanted to at least mention it. I'll likely write more about the goings-on backstage but, not now.

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