Monday, January 29, 2007

The Castle in the Forest: Chapter One Excerpt

You may call me D.T. That is short for Dieter, a German name, and D.T. will do, now that I am in America, this curious nation. If I draw upon reserves of patience, it is because time passes here without meaning for me, and that is a state to dispose one to rebellion. Can this be why I am writing a book? Among my former associates, we had to swear never to undertake such an action. I was, after all, a member of a matchless Intelligence group. Its classification was SS, Special Section IV-2a, and we were directly under the supervision of Heinrich Himmler. Today, the man is seen as a monster, and I would not look to defend him—he turned out to be one hell of a monster. All the same, Himmler did have an original mind, and one of his theses does take me into my literary intentions, which are, I promise, not routine.

Buy and read this book.


Anonymous said...

I'm no anonymous but hope this posts since my last few didn't. I'm computer illiterate. Joe it's Aunt Helen. Now that I'm home I'll check out your blog all the time. Himmler .. hmmm didn't Uncle Chet have an encoutner with him? See you at the WV soon. I have your microwave too.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I prefer Nora Roberts or Patricia Cornwell stories! I do collect Anne Rice books, but I feel books are to read and share, not to be kept from others. So I think you should sell your books on ebay and make some moolah while sharing great stories. Don't catalogue them! Just a suggestion- one I know you won't take :0) I love you bro!