Monday, October 15, 2007


I think I might be somewhat loony-toons. Really. I mean, not just right now, all the time.

Jamie tells me I am. But I don't think I even need his kind reassurance. I am kinda bizarre.

Take right now for instance: I went to bed early after reading 1.5 chapters in Rosie O'Donnell's newest book; I woke up at 1:15 a.m. and made some tea; I watched Desperate Housewives and didn't fast-forward through the commercials; I decided that I wanted iced tea instead so I poured the just brewed HOT tea over ice; I read some old blogs and decided it was time to post again; instead of sitting in our warm house, I took the laptop outside on the cold front porch and I am typing from there.

Does that make me bizarre? I don't know. I'm just, how do you say, odd.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a journal post. Write about what's going on or what I'm thinking about. (After all, I can't sleep now.)

It's almost Halloween and I still haven't decorated our house. Granted, I have a few things scattered here and there inside the place but none of our fancy, spooky things are outside yet. I suppose that I'm on track though. I think I STARTED decorating ON Halloween last year. We have some orange light-up trees that one can stick in the ground...but one is broken. We also have a ghoul and a strobe light that makes "him" look scary. There are other things that I'm obviously forgetting. I think I'm going to make a homemade spiderweb and hang it from the porch. Yes. I will. I just decided.

Speaking of spiderwebs!! I heard on the radio that if your dog or cat gets hurt and starts bleeding, you can temporarily stop the bleeding with spiderwebs. Apparently they clot the blood. But, I hate spiders so I'm afraid Jesse and Dodger will just have to wait until we get to the vet's office.

I think there's a spider on the porch. Honest! I'm going back inside. Hold on...

Oh! Guess what, dear readers? Rosie O'Donnell (my pretend best friend) replied to one of my questions on her blog!! I was very excited. You see, I told her that I'm going to Miami in November for an Arts conference and I wanted to know of some nice restaurants. She told me to go to Tuscan Steak or China Grill. I looked them up and, if I do go there, I'd have to refinance my - thanks but no thanks!

Oh yeah, Miami. Although I'm excited to go, it's not going to be anything of a vacation. Three of us (myself and two women from Buffalo) are going to a marketing conference. There are about 25 different seminars we have to attend and, since nobody can comfortably be in two places at one time, it's going to be very busy for all three of us. I'll elaborate more when I have all my ducks in a row. For now, though, let's just say that I'm cautiously excited. I hate flying but Miami in November sounds nice, no?

Hehe...speaking of Yiddish-like-talking...did anyone watch Desperate Housewives tonight (Sunday?) It is a great show. I can't get enough of it!! (That's a lie: I missed half of last years episodes and bought the DVDs recently but I haven't "caught up" yet. It almost seems moot now, seeing how I'm watching the current season and all. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.) Oh no, I can't tomorrow! I have to decorate for Halloween. Well...maybe.

I'm sitting in the living room now admiring our furniture. I recently bought a mirror for over the piano and it's nice. I put two candelabras in front of it with the AMAZING bleeding candles from Yankee Candle Co. They actually BLEED when they burn. They're spooky!!

I love Yankee Candles! They smell so good.

Hmmm...I think it's about time to stop rambling. Food Network is having a Pilsbury cook-off contest right now and I think I have to watch it. I'll tell you who wins.

If you didn't think I was nuts likely agree that I am, indeed, a but "touched." It's OK though. I know.

Is it too late/early to have a cocktail? Probably. Maybe I'll put my iced tea in the microwave. I'm too lazy to boil more water.

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Things like this happen when you approach 30 Joe.....ha ha. Love ya ... AH.