Saturday, May 12, 2007

Video Blog #4: My Grandma

My Grandma...I love her.

By the way, don't leave comments if you're going to do so's tacky and I know your IP address so it's a fruitless attempt at anonimity. I know who you are - if you have a serious beef, just call me - OK?

Did I mention that I love my Grandma?


Anonymous said...

Cute Joe. Your creativity always amazes me. Can't believe you got mom to do that. Love Aunt Hel .. p.s. hope you enjoyed Sunday.

Sara Sko said...

I was so happy to see you for Mother's Day and absolutely disappointed (sure I was) that we couldn't get your video thing to work on our computer. Oh well. For some reason, the sound isn't working on my computer so I'll have to listen to the rest of your videos on Edgy's computer. I love you and enjoy reading your interesting stories. -- Mom