Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If you Google the following, you'll get here!!

OK, so I totally stole this post idea from my friend Michael. But, it's totally so much fun.

The following phrases were typed into a Google search and it led the searchers to THIS blog. How funny is that!??!

Here are the top ten phrases from the past two weeks:

1. Paddywhack and Ubersetzung
2. Owl Knick Knacks
3. I'm giving very serious thought to eating your wife
4. Hitler Childhood Videos
5. Do I need an American stamp for the return letter from the North Pole
6. Drinking Photos
7. Blood in the Moonlight
8. Emerald Green Glass
9. Putting Up a Storm Door

And my most favorite:

10: Norm Sham

Wasn't that fun??

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